• All lingerie is handmade by me with care, from high quality fabrics sourced in Europe (France & Poland) which is why your items will last way longer than those cheap ones bought in a chain store. It’s MINE, so I care about the quality and will never ship something that’s not 10/10.

• I make all kinds of sizes - from very petite like 60A/28A to 70I/32I (yes!!), 85F/38F (x2 yes!!) and so on.

• The bras are non-wired, 100% soft but they still keep your gems in place. You get the comfort of a sports bra mixed with a lil bit of sexy. I perfected the construction over 5 years and it really works, you’ll even get a bit of a push up if you choose the right size! (pics prove that!)

• I’m gonna say it - yes, I might be the only brand in the world that makes soft but supportive bras, inclusive of all sizes. Petite to plus. No one else seems to care. Maybe because it’s not the most profitable way of doing things. One bra/harness takes up to 3 hours of work.

• I make all of the items to order which minimizes fabric wastage - sustainability all the way.

• Many of my products are fully adjustable, so they will fit you perfectly!

• My packaging consists mostly of paper - recycled. I will be ditching the remaining bubble envelopes soon (I only use them for safety while shipping) and changing my packaging to 100% paper.

• Why buy a chain store bra that’s either too small around the cups or has a too wide underbust section & throw it away after a month of being annoyed by how horribly it fits and waste money if you can spend a bit more, but have one that’s perfectly made just for you?

• I know we’re all about “cheap” these days, but this needs to change. We need to shop consciously. Buy less, but better quality. We wear it every day, so let’s make it last!


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